Meetings & Events


Whether you're looking to host a corporate event, or plan to get family and friends together to celebrate and make some memories.

The Hulbert Room

Our larger conference space, the Hulbert Room holds a maximum capacity of 30 people.

If you want to get your business together for the meeting, conference or away-day, the Hulbert Room will cater to your every need. A spacious environment that will encourage free-thinking and creativity, you can be sure of a productive meeting where people knuckle down and get things done.

Of course, we like to relax here as much as anyone, and the Hulbert Room is just as suitable for parties and gatherings, large and small. Getting the family together? Hosting a reunion of old friends? The opulent interiors, with bespoke plush furnishings, will add a touch of class to your event, and your guests will be able to relax into the night, content in the knowledge that a beautiful room and a nice, soft bed awaits them just upstairs.

The Belmont Room

Our more intimate conference space, the Belmont Room hosts a maximum capacity of 20 people and is the ideal choice for a smaller event, whether your aim is to have a productive conference or relax with friends and family.

Set amidst the grounds of Torrington Hall, the Belmont Room will allow your business meeting or conference to proceed in peace, quiet and privacy. We’ll be on hand to provide anything you need, so you and your colleagues can concentrate on getting things done.

Hosting a relaxed little gathering of family, or friends? Let us take care of you in the Belmont Room, a perfect setting for a relaxing evening. Let the drinks flow and the conversation sparkle, as your guests relax into the early hours with luxurious rooms waiting for them upstairs.


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